RandomLib  1.10
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oNRandomLibNamespace for RandomLib
|oCDiscreteNormalThe discrete normal distribution
|oCDiscreteNormalAltThe discrete normal distribution (alternate version)
|oCExactExponentialSample exactly from an exponential distribution
|oCExactNormalSample exactly from a normal distribution
|oCExactPowerSample exactly from a power distribution
|oCExponentialDistributionThe exponential distribution
|oCExponentialProbThe exponential probability
|oCInverseEProbReturn true with probability 1/e = exp(−1)
|oCInversePiProbReturn true with probability 1/π
|oCLeadingZerosCount of leading zeros
|oCMPFRExponentialThe exponential distribution for MPFR
|oCMPFRExponentialLThe exponential distribution for MPFR (the log method)
|oCMPFRNormalThe normal distribution for MPFR
|oCMPFRNormalKThe normal distribution for MPFR (Kahn algorithm)
|oCMPFRNormalRThe normal distribution for MPFR (ratio method)
|oCMPFRRandomHandling random numbers in MPFR
|oCMPFRUniformThe uniform distribution for MPFR
|oCNormalDistributionNormal deviates
|oCRandomErrException handling for RandomLib
|oCMT19937The MT19937 random number engine
|oCSFMT19937The SFMT random number engine
|oCRandomCanonicalGenerate random integers, reals, and booleans
|oCRandomEngineUniform random number generator
|oCMixerMT0The original MT19937 mixing functionality
|oCMixerMT1The modified MT19937 mixing functionality
|oCMixerSFMTThe SFMT mixing functionality
|oCRandomNumberInfinite precision random numbers
|oCRandomPower2Return or multiply by powers of 2
|oCRandomSeedA base class for random generators
|oCRandomSelectRandom selection from a discrete set
|oCRandomTypeClass to hold bit-width and unsigned type
|\CUniformIntegerThe partial uniform integer distribution